Email marketing for improving the SEO of your Law Firm

Although there are many ways that you can do to lure the online clients to your law firm, there is a way which is actually can be useful, yet there aren’t too many competitors that might use this one. The Email marketing or leads nurturing is another method in law firm marketing. This method tends to be low-cost and effective to get potential clients, especially if you hire the right SEO expert for lawyers.

You can start now by building an email database.

Many website visitors seek info to learn a particular field of law but are not ready to hire lawyer services.

By getting prospect emails and putting them into your database, you can educate them by sending relevant content to their emails so that they end up being SQL (people who are ready to interact with your law firm).

The effectiveness of email marketing differs across the legal field.

For example, email marketing tends to be effective for the legal business that requires continuous relationship building. Unlike personal cases like divorce that require a short time in handling it.

However, you still want to maximize all your existing marketing channels for a wider range and foster relationships with your clients.

You can use blog or video (which we will discuss next) to be distributed as an email newsletter.

We recommend that you create a simple monthly newsletter for your law firm. Get used to publishing newsletters every month to keep your prospects updated with you. Every month, your newsletter can be:

Content this month: Blogs or other content published this month.

Announcement: The great case you are working on, the new lawyer joining and other lawyers your prospects need to know.

News: Your comments on news, legal cases or info related to the legal field in the law firm area

And Call to Action (CTA): Remember to encourage prospects to contact you if they have questions or help.

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