Broadcast with Facebook Live

You can broadcast Facebook Live via your profile or through the Mentions app. Todi-broadcast through your profile, press to update your status and click the Live icon. Next, write a short description of the update status (this is your title). The description is what will come out in news feed and notification. Just like with your other personal status updates, you may also want to select an audience before the live. Choose only friends, a list of specific friends or public. Then press Go Live. If you want to get many viewers, you can visit our website and buy facebook live views.

You can point the camera at yourself or out to capture your environment. During the broadcast, you will see the number of live viewers, friends who are standby and comment in real time. While people are watching you, invite them as viewers by pressing the Subscribe button. This way, they get notifications when you’re live.

Once you end your live broadcast, your live will be saved on the timeline as other videos are uploaded. If you do not have an active Follower option on your personal profile, it is recommended to enable it immediately. Doing so will allow you to reach a wider audience so that all Facebook users can choose to follow your public update. To enable the Follow feature, open your settings and click Followers in the left column. Then replace Who Can Follow Me, become Everybody. Now, one of your friends or followers can see and subscribe when you live. Keep in mind, if the previous post is public and you want to share the next post with friends only, you must remember to replace it to friends only.

Note: To broadcast through the Mentions app, the process is the same. Open the app, tap on the Post symbol and then hit Live Video. The only difference is you can not choose an audience, because everything you post is public on the business page.

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