Determine Your Camera As You Need

What is your main reason for buying a camera? I think at this stage there are two main reasons to buy a camera (three if you’re a student taking photography classes). First for documentation purposes and secondly because you are interested in undergoing a hobby of photography. If you are a photography subject student the third reason is to make it easier for you to go through the class. When you buy a camera, you can also buy Canon flash. Visit our website and get the best.

If your main reason is for documentation or college purposes, then my advice is to buy a camera kit. That camera is sold in one package consisting of the camera body and the lens kit (usually 18-55mm lens). Then when the budget allows the next step is to buy a telephoto lens such as 70-300mm. At this stage, you already have 1 camera body with 18-55mm lens (for indoor and wide shooting) and 70-300mm lens (for outdoor shooting and distant photo objects). For the purposes of documentation then what you have now is enough. If you do not really like the lens change, then you can sell the kit lens 18-55mm and use the money from the sale of the lens to add the budget to buy a lens with focal length covering wide to tele (so-called lens “broom universe”) such as lens 18-200mm.

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