Factors That Impact on The Price of Precious Metals

When you click https://iragoldadvisor.com/monex-precious-metals-review/ , you will have more reasons to focus on precious metal investment. However, the price of precious metals can increase and decrease due to some factors, such as:

1. Total world gold production

The more difficult the gold in the mine, then the price of gold in the market will rise along with the scarcity of existing gold stocks, especially if the demand for gold is increasing.

2. Increased demand from the jewelry industry

Demand for gold reserves from the jewelry industry especially from India, America and China continue to increase. This will make the price of gold is increasing. To be able to anticipate this, it is better if you invest in the form of gold bars and not gold jewelry because gold jewelry will fall in price along with the design of the jewelry itself which will be melted to become a new jewelry again.

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