Identify some home criteria that are usually targeted by thieves

Various acts of crime can indeed you experience because various people want to profit by doing various ways. This could be by committing theft or other crimes in your home. If that happens, you can visit to get a house cleaning of all the rest of the crime that took place in your home.

Please note that there are some characteristics or criteria underlying the house will be entered by the thief. Some of these criteria are related to empty and rarely occupied homes and other things. Some of the home criteria targeted for thieves are as follows:

1. Window in Garage
Obviously, if you leave the garage door open, it will facilitate access for thieves. Likewise, with a garage window. At least, there are 80% of those who peek into the house through the window.

2. Pets
Having a pet can have a negative impact on the safety of your home. Therefore, the propensity of animal owners will leave the windows open for outside air to enter and make their pet comfortable. Thieves will be happy because one entrance is open for them.

3. The name is in Mailbox
Sometimes they are careful to start a step by searching the house number. It will be easier if they already know your name. When the house is on the phone and no one picks up, they too will be in action.

4. Dead Lamps Every Night
When almost all lights are turned off during the night, it’s a good time for thieves to launch their action. Nevertheless, according to surveys, most thieves are actually happy to do their work during the daytime when homeowners come out. Because it could be that the dark light has a motion sensor.

5. High bushes
The tall bushes not only block the view of your neighbors directly but also prevent them from seeing any thief trying to get into your house.

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