In General, How To Take Care of Tools?

Tools are mechanically powered tools, usually used to fabricate metal components of a machine. The word machine tool is usually used for machines not used with human labor, but they can also be in motion by humans when properly designed. Well to keep the tools that exist in our homes so no splatter and durable then the thing you need to do is to store it in the best portable mechanic tool box for home. In addition, you also have to treat it well, well here are some common ways you can take care of all the tools you have!

1. Keep tools and hand tools in clean condition.

2. Keep all tools after use in a clean state, and check out the equipment used.

3. Carefully examine tool tools on a regular basis there will be the possibility of damage.

4. Do not allow tools or measuring tools (locks, slide rules, micrometers, etc.) on top of running machines. Possible consequences are work accident or tool malfunction.

5. Luminous tools on a regular basis so as not to be jammed when it used. The code plates can be very useful, it shows after some time the lubricating oil needs to be updated and the lubrication must be done, the color indicates which type of lubricant should be used (note the instructions of the manufacturer). The oil tanks must be filled to the marking line. Clean the oil sieves at certain times and exchange the filters.

6. Fix or replace immediately broken tool.

7. Never use a blunt tool on a large friction. This may result in damage to drill, chisel, tap, or frames due to large loading, pads, screw bars and nuts of the mesh. Do not forget the security rules. Keep in mind the protection of rotating parts, electrical connections, if necessary wear safety goggles.

8. To avoid things that are not in check out the manual of the tool you have, because each brand is not uncommon to be different in its use

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