Simple tips for traveling in London

There are several tips that we’re going to share with you about traveling in London. These tips can be very useful and also save you from troubles while you’re there. In the meantime, you can check out Trinity college Glasgow when you want to take the English exam for the UK visa application.

Bring your Umbrella

Always bring a small umbrella that can be placed in the bag. Because the weather in London cannot be predicted. In the morning sun and afternoon suddenly rain.

Bring a small coin

Coin coins are very useful in use if you want to go to the toilet at the train station. Toilets around the station, you have to pay around 30p – 50p depending on location. And if you do not bring your own tissue, the small coin is also useful to be used to buy tissues at the station. Usually, the tissue is contained in a box attached to the wall and usually close to the entrance of the toilet.

Car Rental is not a good idea

My advice if you can not rent a car in London because of the price of parking in London its prices exorbitant. The cheapest is around £ 2 to £ 15 (36,000 – 272,000) per hour depending on location. If you need a car, order Black Cab (taxi) or uber if you want to save on transportation costs.

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