Suggested Foods While Using Braces

Anyone at any age can basically benefit from braces, but the best age to get orthodontic treatment is in the 12-13 year range. As a matter of fact, most orthodontic patients are children up to adolescence. So if you are in that age range, then the handling of braces is considered easier and the benefits are more leverage. For more mature patients, the benefits can be judged more limited and it is also possible that the doctor will recommend surgery.

Hollander Dental Associates – Carlsbad Dentists will recommend certain foods during permanent braces attached to your teeth. The goal is to support the endurance of braces and maximize the benefits of braces.

– Breakfast
You can give bread toast, boiled eggs, or cereal. Add yogurt to complement your breakfast nutrition.

– Lunch
It is recommended to start with a banana or an apple that has been cut into pieces. Continue with a vegetable salad and a glass of water. Maybe you can add a small piece of cheese and fruit for an afternoon snack.

– Dinner
If you like to fish, this main menu can be the right choice. Even so, roast chicken meat can be an alternative source of safe protein. Pair your favorite menu with vegetables and fruits.