Tips for cleaning the carpets that have been used in an office

Office carpet consists of several types but it all uses fabric or fabric yarn consisting of nylon, so if the carpet is often in the past with a high level of activity will be damaged. Meanwhile, you may also visit to call the trusted carpet cleaners to help you clean your carpet.

There are a few tips to care for the existing carpet at the office:

Stained carpets

Often we see the carpet in the office a lot of stains spots such as ink, spill drinks, and even food spills at once, how to overcome the above is very easy if done with a quick handling, such as stains on the carpet ink stains ink must be immediately in the brush can use water warm or stain remover detergent so that the ink does not penetrate long into the fabric fibers or threads, and to stain on food or drink can be done immediately brushing with water only.

Avoid the appearance of mold or bacteria

We never know whether carpets that look clean do not store much bacteria or fungi, because some of the office space is infiltrated from the entry of sunlight so it is very easy bacteria and fungi are on the carpet fiber to avoid it we need to carpet washing, aiming to kill the fungus or bacteria in the carpet is certainly using a detergent or a chemical that can kill bacteria and fungi but not all detergents or chemicals contain composition of materials that can kill bacteria and fungi. So you need to know the right detergent or call the professional carpet cleaners instead.


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