PDF Function

Every creation of a program or document file must have a certain function or purpose, including behind the creation of PDF. Most people understand how to convert a document file to PDF or vice versa but few are aware of the function of the creation of this format. If the review in terms of names may already be seen the function of this PDF format. Portable Document Format means a file format used to store a particular document with details in the form of text or fonts, images, and even other document formats. You can visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2llX4Nk9bVk to convert a document to pdf.

The term portable, in this case, is to provide information that a flexible PDF file format is used on any computer. One of the problems that often encountered is the different versions of Microsoft Office on each – each computer or even one that is not installed. Different versions of Microsft Office sometimes cause chaos in the data, therefore the need for documents with PDF file format. By installing one of the PDF reader software then it will be resolved soon.

The process of sending PDF data with email is also easier and flexible to open on a computer with any operating system, not just Windows but can be on Mac-OS, Linux and others. With a variety of functions offered, it is no wonder at this time that PDF file format has become an important part of society, not only for workers but also for students and the general public. As a definite document format PDF has its own advantages when compared with other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, and others.

The main advantages of PDF files are their flexible nature. It was previously explained that this PDF file can be opened on any computer or even smartphone without any changes to the data or its contents. Even a browser called Mozilla Firefox also has the ability to read data in PDF format.