Recognizing the Type of Drug for Teeth

The development of the latest treatment allows the dentist to minimize the patient’s pain. Here are some types of anesthesia that Wohlers Family Dentistry – Marietta Georgia might use:

– Drugs applied to the area of the mouth or gums that require treatment. These drugs are smeared before a local anesthetic injection is given so you do not feel pain when injected.

– Electrical anesthesia technique called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS.

– Nitrous oxide or gas laugh. When compared with injection method, the gas given by inhalation makes you feel relaxed and can immediately return to the activity after the procedure is done.

– Injections of sedatives into blood vessels of the hands or arms. This type of sedation can be given to patients who are very agitated or have to go through a more complex procedure.

– Total anesthetic is given to the patient to “fall asleep” during the operation. Generally done in the hospital because it is more risky than the local drug use.