When is the Right Time Teaching Children to Play Music?

Knowing music is an early stage that must be done before children learn to play musical instruments or learn to sing. Very important because the goal is to invite children to love music and sharpen their musical sensitivity. After that, your child must love music. Why love music? Do not know, then do not love. If we love music, we will be more open to receive and learn more about all things related to music. In addition, someone who knows music and then plays music will realize that music is very beneficial to their lives. So, visit our website and get piano lessons dallas.

Age 2 years is the right age because at this age the brain nerve to learn music has matured. Music consisting of 5 main elements of tone, rhythm, notation, melody, and harmony can hone the musical sensitivity of children through play activities. Therefore, playing music while learning is the most effective method to introduce and teach music to children. Parents and music teachers can create games that contain chanting and dancing (movement). Playing and exploring sounds with simple percussion devices such as tambourine, castanet, maracas, triangle, can also be part of a fun learning activity.