These Two Lighting Techniques In Photography The Most Important To Know

Doing photography techniques certainly,  buy Canon flash  make you must be able to master a variety of lighting techniques as well to get a good image and bright enough to be seen. A good photo to look does require considerable lighting. You might buy a Canon flash to add the lighting of your canon camera.

As a good photographer, you also know

some good lighting techniques, like

1. Key light
This is the most powerful lighting technique with the strongest light source. This light source is placed in such a way between the camera and the photographs. So one side of the photo object will look bright and the other side looks dark. The key light is the brightest lighting technique in photographic lighting.

2. Fill light
This is used as a secondary light source on key light techniques. This technique places the light source on the opposite side of the object. This light source is not light like a key light, because it is only used to fill the shadow produced by the key light.