Understand This So You Understand That God Always Exists

You may never feel anxious about the life you live in or feel that God never existed for you because you are always alone when faced with the problem. In fact, God is always there and you must have holy spirit in order to live a better life and spirit.

Do not ever think that God never helped you through all the problems. If the mother alone always has instinct, then it is impossible that the mother of the universe does not look at you who are confused without a heart. though sometimes God does not sell all the prayers you have prayed without stop, but his eyes never gone. He is like a good friend who grows together and always on the side. The incident is not always felt, or indeed you are just less sensitive as a human being. But if you want a little friendship with silence and circumstances, then you will know that God is always there.

He will always hear, his heart trembles, but he just wants you to be patient with all the plans that he wraps beautifully for you.